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Mountain Tapir Distribution

Taking as excuse the new package rMaps. I wanted to plot my old points for the Mountain tapir. I hope this could serve as a starting point for a new collaborative project.

Why to Update the Mountain Tapir Distribution?

  • The information available as map in the red list has more than 10 years old. Just take a look to the red list info for mountain tapir.
  • In the last 10 years researchers have studied mountain tapirs at new locations.
  • New powerful tools to build robust distribution models have been developed.
Those are some locations

Click on each point to see the type of evidence: hair, photo, footprint or faeces.

The R code to make it


cord<-c(2.5,-73) #central location in the map
map3 <- Leaflet$new()
map3$setView(cord, zoom = 6)
map3$tileLayer(provider = 'MapQuestOpen.OSM')#Stamen.TonerLite
# put the info over the clicking points
for (i in 1:nrow(fieldpoints)){
  as.character(fieldpoints[i,6]), as.character(fieldpoints[i,9]),"</p>", sep=" " )  
map3$marker(c(fieldpoints[i,8], fieldpoints[i,7]), bindPopup = binpop)

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