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Animado mapas. Fuegos en Colombia

Los datos de fuego.Los satélites Terra y Aqua han estado orbitando la tierra desde hace mas de 10 años. Unos de los s...


A Post with Google Vis motion chart

Example for displaying a Google Vis motion chart.


Introducción a la abundancia con métodos de ocupación

Un mini-curso de métodos jerárquicos para WCS Quito.Recientemente he estado preparando un curso para los investigador...

Recuperando fotos y datos de Flickr con R

Bajando un album completo y los datos exif de Flickr.com.Luego de mas de un año en Manta, Ecuador, trabajando como in...


Visibilidad de la Investigación en la ULEAM, Ecuador

Mi tiempo en Ecuador.Pronto voy a completar un año de haber llegado a Manta, Ecuador, a trabajar como investigador de...

Política y educación en Ecuador

Tratando de entender mejor la política Ecuatoriana.Luego de varios meses en Manta, Ecuador, trabajando como investiga...

From Ecuador I

Starting a new camera trap project in EcuadorIt has been long time since the last post, and many things had happened....


Installing Camera Traps

Colombian AmazonIn a consultancy work for Conservation International - Colombia, I went to the Colombian Amazon to in...

Research groups in Colombia

Mapping the evolution of research groups.Impressed by the twitting maps of the world cup, like this. I decided to try...

Evolución de la ciencia en Colombia

Calendario de la creación de grupos de investigación en Colombia.Continuando con el post anterior, pensé que usando l...

Convocatoria Colciencias 640 del 3013

Resultados convocatoria de medición de grupos.La negativa de Colciencias para compartir los resultados de su convocat...

Investigadores y grupos de investigación en Colombia

Hay un nuevo sistema de clasificación de investigadores y grupos por Colciencias.Acá se ve como quedo la clasificació...

Mammal Biodiversity in Colombia.

Mammal records in ColombiaDisappointed by the last report of Colombia to the CBD that does not mention how much Colom...

Opinion Mining in Tweets. The Spanish Version.

Opinions. Are they positive or negative?Opinion mining has attracted great interest in recent years. One of the most ...

Mountain Tapir locations in rMaps

Mountain Tapir DistributionTaking as excuse the new package rMaps. I wanted to plot my old points for the Mountain ta...

Spring is here

Here are some pictures.A few days ago we went to take pictures on the national mall. The cherries were in the blossom...

Google knows

Just a small part of Google data-harvesting practices.Following the post by http://seasci.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/it...

1st post in github

New in githubInspired by several pages hosted by github and amaze by the fantastic possibilities such as this map. I ...


Syntax Highlighting Post

Demo post displaying the various ways of highlighting code in Markdown.

Sample Link Post

Post with Large Feature Image and Text

Custom written post descriptions are the way to go... if you're not lazy.

A Post with Images

Examples and code for displaying images in posts.


Testing Readability with a Bunch of Text

A ton of text to test readability.


Sample Post

Just about everything you'll need to style in the theme: headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, tables, code blocks, and more.