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Diego J. Lizcano

Biologist, Mammal ecology and conservation, R and Linux fan

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About me

I am Biologist interested in mammal ecology and conservation. I have extensive field experience working in the tropics. Recently I moved from Ecuador were I was working in a vertebrate inventory project, to Colombia. I enjoy learning about R and computers. I am also an avid photographer.


Currently I work at TNC as biodiversity specialist for the Northern Andes and South Central America Region (NASCA). I am a wildlife biologist interested in mammal ecology and conservation with extensive field experience, mostly in the tropics. My interests are focused around pressing issues that involve looking at ecological and other environmental data, and using science to support informed-decisions for biodiversity conservation. Most recently, I have been working on monitoring wildlife using bioacustics, occupancy modeling based on camera trap data, and understanding deforestation and its impacts on biodiversity using hierarchical models and Bayesian statistics. I received a doctorate degree from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) in the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK). Prior to joining TNC, I was a research scientist at ULEAM – Ecuador, leading a biodiversity monitoring project in two National Parks. I am was also a visiting scientist at Conservation International in the U.S. working with the TEAM terrestrial vertebrate dataset. He is passionate about mountain tapirs, photography, and bread baking.

This site hosts my blog, a description of my research interests, social media links and other things I use to spend my time.


email: dj[dot]lizcano[at]gmail[dot]com